– 02.2018-dato: Head of city management, event management, business development and tourism of the City of Wolfratshausen, Germany.

– 2017: Postdocoral research fellow at the Technical University Deggendorf in the field of sustainable and energy neutral urban quarter development projects and digital participation in urban planning processes.

– 2017: Consulting for GIZ and the European Commission within the project Europe-China Eco-Cities Link (EC-Link) on sustainable urban development, knowledge management and capacity building.

– 2017: Speech for the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the initiative FutureCitiesBW on international cooperation with China about sustainable urban development.

– 2017: Consulting for GIZ and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection, Building and Nuclear Safety on global stakeholders in the cross section of urban development, climate protection & energy for the preparation of the COP23 in Bonn.

– 2017: Consulting for ADB and the Chinese Jiangxi Province on integrated urban-rural development practice in Germany, Poland and Hungary.

– 2016: Consulting for GIZ and the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission on a study tour to Munich about low carbon urban development.

– 02.2013-08.2016: Program manager of the low carbon urban development program for GIZ China: Consulting for Chinese ministries, institutions and cities on low carbon urban development; capacity building for key actors; public-private partnership projects.

– 2012: Consulting for GIZ Sustainable Urban Development Program in China: Preparation of the urban quarter revitalization project in Foshan, preparatory analysis for the urban nexus project on integrated ressource management in Asian cities.

– 2009/2010/2011/2012: Lecturing at Passau University in the field of urban and social geography about socially just, integrated and sustainable urban development.

– 2011/2012: Cooperation with the mux oHG in Munich on local retail sector development and the promotion of local business areas, including the application of GIS for spatial analysis.

– 2011/2012: Founding of the social entrepreneurial business project Quartiermeister Munich for urban quarter development purposes: The company benefit is reinvested in social and cutlural neighbourhood projects.

– 2009/2010: Process Evaluation in cooperation with a local planning bureau for Munich City of two urban quarter upgrading projects in the national “Social City” urban development assistance program.

– 10.2007-02.2012: Applied dissertation research on the management of integrated urban development and participation in Munich and further Bavarian cities.

– 2007: Engagement in the urban quarter managment of the upgrading area Ramersdorf/Berg-am-Laim in Munich.

– 2005: Thesis on public participation in China at the example of the old town renewal process in Yangzhou.